Get 70% off E-Commerce website development

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May 2, 2020

Get 70% off E-Commerce website development

COVID-19 Limited Time Offer ends 31 August 2020

We are excited to offer you a chance to get your very own e-commerce store from as low as £500!

Are you thinking of setting up a clothing or jewelry store or a digital store for selling eBooks, audio and videos or even an event ticket site?

We will develop your e-Commerce website for 70% off, This includes:

  1. Key product landing page
  2. Integration of a payment gateway
  3. Connecting payment gateway to your bank 
  4. Testing transactions with payment gateway to ensure you receive payments.

Offer also comes with free domain and web hosting for one year.

Why are we offering at such a discounted rate?

Because we understand the challenges our customers are facing in this difficult times, and so we set out to find them the best payment system deals and found one that works.

iZettle has given us the opportunity to fulfil our first 10 customers dreams by offering this e-commerce package.

iZettle is a UK based payment gateway system helping small businesses succeed, they offer POS systems for cheap and makes integration to other technologies really easy. 

Give us a shout

Send an email to, call us on +447794941071 or whatsapp to discuss your project today. 

*Please note that this offer is subject to our terms and conditions. Contact us for more information regarding limitations of the offer.

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